Our Services

Do You Experience?

  • tremors?
  • loss of balance?
  • stiff muscles?
  • difficulty with completing tasks automatically?
  • slow thoughts or memory issues?
  • poor posture?
  • stutter steps or freezing episodes?
  • falls and/or near falls?
  • chronic fatigue?
  • a quiet voice?
  • stress that increases symptoms?
  • struggles in the community?
  • worries about your work abilities?
  • a decline in leisure or family activities?
  • worries about your future?

We Can Build a Parkinson Specific Program Designed For YOU!


Discovery of one’s needs, concerns, fears and goals of physical, mental, spiritual and environmental areas, completed in a 1 hour personal or online session, to determine a thorough plan of action to fight Parkinson’s Disease.


Guidance through all stages of Parkinson’s with strategies for symptom management and solutions to improve independence and daily function while decreasing one’s burden of care. This is continuously provided throughout services to the person directly affected, family, caregivers or anyone closely interacting with the individual.


Let’s look at the overall picture here! Many times motor issues, such as balance, tremors, muscle stiffness and difficulty walking are addressed. With Wellness, the “non-motor” symptoms such as nutrition, sleep, anxiety, pain, fatigue, decreased memory, etc. are also addressed. There is much more to the journey of Parkinson’s than what is “seen”. Caregiver Wellness, which is often overlooked, is also addressed.


Ongoing support is offered through education, training, counseling and motivational techniques throughout all stages of Parkinson’s Disease.

Exercise Programs

Research based Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR!) moves and protocols are taught to restore function and reduce symptoms to work towards slowing disease progression. Similar to LSVT BIG, we will focus on high amplitude exercise with function to address individual symptoms in a multitude of ways, at any stage of the disease. A determined mindset is emphasized for accountability and compliance to continue improvements and maintain abilities.

Family/Caregiver/Staff Training

Taking care of YOU as a family member or caregiver is critical to caring WELL for another. Let’s learn strategies to decrease the burden of care for you, minimize stress, and determine how to adapt to new challenges as the disease progresses. On-Site Staff training is provided to learn foundational education of PD with strategies for symptom management; hands-on training provided per request.


National and local resources are provided as needed to address all symptoms and concerns of any stage of the disease. Examples include community support groups, coffee groups, and fitness classes specific to Parkinson’s.

CEUs/Community Lectures

Educational lectures for people with Parkinson’s and their families/caregivers, Continuing Education seminars for clinical professionals (OT/PT/ST) and on-site lectures offered for other medical staff throughout the year and per request.

Medical Dr. Advocate

With my medical background in Occupational Therapy, I can be your Parkinson’s Advocate. This can include communication with your medical or other professional team members and/or accompaniment with you during with your appointments.

Collaboration with OT / PT / ST

Currently in therapy? That’s great! Let’s collaborate. Our wellness services combined with therapy allows you to increase appropriate follow through with exercise programs and bridge the gap between home and clinic. Insurance is not accepted for wellness services so this allows for the perfect combination of excellent care.

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