Guidance Through Your Parkinson's Journey​

Parkinson's Health Coach

“I feared Parkinson’s most when I least understood it.”

Jimmy Choi, diagnosed at age 27


Parkinson’s Disease (PD) affects millions and everysingle person has a different story.  

You and those on your journey receive education, information, advocacy and tools to fight Parkinson’s, through any stage.  

Take The First Step



Hello. I’m Shana Gatschet, OT, owner and founder of Parkinson Connect, and I am so glad you are here! You are quite possibly looking for guidance, answers and/or simply motivation to fight your Parkinson’s Disease. Please let me reassure you that there IS something that can be done about it, at any stage of this disease. So… congratulations! You’ve made an important step today!



Discovery of one’s needs, concerns, fears and goals of physical, mental, spiritual and environmental areas, completed in a 1 hour personal or online session, to determine a thorough plan of action to fight Parkinson’s Disease.


Guidance through all stages of Parkinson’s with strategies for symptom management and solutions to improve independence and daily function while decreasing one’s burden of care. This is continuously provided throughout services to the person directly affected, family, caregivers or anyone closely interacting with the individual.


Let’s look at the overall picture here! Many times motor issues, such as balance, tremors, muscle stiffness and difficulty walking are addressed. With Wellness, the “non-motor” symptoms such as nutrition, sleep, anxiety, pain, fatigue, decreased memory, etc. are also addressed. There is much more to the journey of Parkinson’s than what is “seen”. Caregiver Wellness, which is often overlooked, is also addressed.

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